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Frequently Asked Questions
about the 2018 Lone Star '36'
Classic Chevy Convention


    1) What is the Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention about? Simply put - it's about having fun with your 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy car, truck or Corvette.  This era was very special in automotive history and Chevrolet in particular.  An all new designed chassis came out in 1955, along with a newly designed appearance and most importantly the revolutionary small block Chevrolet engine.  These 3 years of Chevrolets were special when they hit the dealers showrooms in the mid 50's with the Bel Air's, Nomad's, Cameo's, duel four barrel carburetors, fuel injection and more.  All of the mid fifty Chevrolet's have remained one of the most sought after and collected Chevrolet ever made.  This annual Convention is simply an excuse for these enthusiasts to get together and have fun with their 'Tri Five Chevys' and 2018 likely will be the largest Lone Star yet!

    2) Do I have to have a 'Tri Five Chevy' to participate?  Only a passion for '55-'57 Chevys is required to participate in Lone Star '36'.  You may register for the event and take part in many of the activities of the weekend and not have a car present.  But of course, having a Tri Five Chevy at Lone Star '36' is the best way to enjoy the weekend as this will allow you to participate in any and all of the various events over the weekend that includes the Show Judging, Drag Racing, Poker Run and more. 

    3) If I enter my Tri Five Chevy in Lone Star '36', do I have to participate in the Show Judging?  There is no formal judging scheduled for Lone Star '36'.  The awards program Sunday evening will recognized the 'Top 25' of the show, picked by a group of Chevy enthusiasts based on nothing more that what they like!  No formal 1000 point judging will take place.  Also, special awards will be given for things like Best Interior, Best Engine, etc.  And as always been the tradition at Lone Star, the other Tri FIve clubs in Texas will present an award to their 'Favorite Tri Five Chevy'.  

    4) I have never drag raced before but I am considering giving it a try at Lone Star.  Will anyone be available to help me understand what I need to do?  You bet!  The Friday night drag racing event at Lone Star is not about how fast you can go.  It is about how quick you leave the line at the green light (without leaving to early and getting a 'red light') AND then how consistent you run down the track.  You will be given two chances to run down the 1/8 mile North Star Dragway as practice.  You will then determine from those runs how quick you can run your Chevy down the track.  Next a club member will take shoe polish and put that time on your window and through the computer starting system you and your opponent will be matched up with one of you getting a head start or 'handicap'.  Your goal is to run your Chevy as close to that time as possible (without going quicker or 'breaking out') and of course leave as soon as the green light comes on (without leaving before the light and 'redlighting').  There will be a class for slower street type Chevys and a class for faster race only Chevys and a class for the lady drivers, so new racers will be welcomed!  Racing in a straight line isn't simple but members of the Dallas Area Classic Chevys will be there to answer and help you through the process.  For additional information on the drag racing portion of Lone Star '36' go to the 'Schedule' link and at the bottom select the 'Drag Racing Details' or click HERE.

    5) What all is included in the REGISTRATION FEE for Lone Star '36'.  MUCH more than you might think!  All of the following is included in your registration  - parking entry to the secured display area, Drag Racing spectator entry for two, one car entry for Drag Race Competition, two tickets for the Friday VIP Tours to 'The Star In Frisco'  and a lunch stop at the Gas Monkey Grill that includes bus transportation, free showing of the movie 'Two Lane Blacktop' on Saturday night, free Sunday concert from 'The Route 66 Band', free dinner for two at Sunday Evenings Awards Dinner, free participation for one Chevy in the Sunday morning scenic Poker Run (you must 'pay to play' the poker game), free entry to the Indy 500 Watch Party on Sunday, free concert Saturday night featuring 'The Vinyl Stripes', free entry to the Thursday 'Early Arrivals Parking Lot Party' where special door prizes will be given away, and if you register BEFORE midnight APRIL 30th, you save $30, you will get a free Lone Star '36' T shirt AND you get entered into a drawing for a nights stay at the host hotel during the event!  Event registration and you can pay with a credit card  online by clicking the 'Registration' Link on the left side of this page!  

    6) What is the best day to attend Lone Star '29'?   There is no "best" day.  They are ALL going to be eventful and fun!  Arriving Thursday night allows you to get settled in for the weekend and you get to enjoy the Thursday 'Early Arrivals Parking Lot Party' (where some pretty nice door prizes are going to be given away!), Friday's highlights includes the free VIP Tours (including transportation/admission) to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and practice facility which is state of the art in the NFL along with a stop at the Gas Monkey Grill where you can buy lunch, and of course the Lone Star Drag Races that evening under the lights where over $800 will be paid out!  Saturday you have to be there for the big display of some of the finest '55-'57 Chevy cars, trucks and Corvettes assembled anywhere, and that evening 'The Vinyl Stripes' perform live in the parking lot before the showing of the ultimate Tri Five Chevy road movie 'Two Lane Blacktop' in the hotel parking lot that we will convert into a drive in movie theatre!  Sunday features a once in a lifetime world's largest Tri Five Chevy Poker Run that you don't want to miss that will include a lunch stop, there are additional tours available on Sunday that includes trains!, a free 'beer, wine and appetizer social' featuring live music from 'The Route 66 Band'  and free dinner at the Marriott for the Awards Banquet!  All of these are covered in your registration fee!  How do you pick just one day? 

    7) Is the parking lot a safe and secure area to keep my Tri Five Chevy?   Most certainly!  Lone Star '36' will have a special Tri Five only section that will make up most of the parking lot of the DFW Airport Marriott Hotel.  Only REGISTERED LONE STAR '36' TRI FIVE CHEVYS will be allowed inside this area all during the event.  The host club Dallas Area Classic Chevys will have Irving Police on duty specifically from late at night to early morning watching over the Chevys.  There won't be a more secure place in Texas for your Tri Five Chevy!  The rest of the time the local host club will have members stationed at entry/exit gates controlling the traffic so that only Lone Star '36' cars enter and exit.  The event is free to attend for spectators and we encourage the public to come and enjoy viewing our Chevys, but we will not be allowing non registered cars to drive through the parking lot of the hotel. 

    8) How is the best way to reserve my room at the DFW Airport Marriott Hotel?  The hosting Dallas Area Classic Chevys have made that simple - just click on the link on the left labeled 'Hotel' and that will take you to the details about the DFW Airport Marriott and even another link that will zip you right to the hotel reservation system that will guarantee that you get the special room rate that we have negotiated for Lone Star '36'.  Here you can select the number of nights and make your payment all in one effort.  And your reduced rate is good consecutive nights prior and after the event if you would like to stay in the DFW area longer than just the Lone Star weekend!  Be sure to take care of your room reservations before May 3rd to get the special reduce rate for Lone Star '36' and guarantee yourself a room!  

    9) What if I trailer my Tri Five Chevy to Lone Star '36', where will I park my rig?  Directly southeast of the parking lot used for Lone Star at the DFW Airport Marriott is another large parking lot.  We have arranged the use of that lot just for Lone Star participants to park their 'non Tri Five Chevy' cars, trucks and trailers. 

    10) What if we get one of those legendary Texas Frog Strangler type thunderstorm or worse yet a hail storm, what can we do to protect our Tri Five Chevys?  Got it covered!  Literally, across Royal Lane that runs next to the parking lot we will be using is a covered parking garage.  If inclement weather strikes at any time, we will move all the Tri Five Chevys across the street to the covered parking where they will be safe from any storm or hail damage.  This feature will not be used for any other purposes, including light rain or drizzle.  We want to reserve this for any potential damaging storms.       

    11)  What will the Friday Tour to the Cowboys Headquarters and Gas Monkey Grill be about?  The tour will leave at approximately 10AM on Friday from the DFW Airport Marriott Hotel.  This free part of your Lone Star registration is where you become a VIP and will be first taken by bus to the world headquarters and practice facility of the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco.  The tour of this 91 acre complex features history of more than 55 years of Cowboys heritage, and tours of the 12,000 seat indoor field and much more, including seeing the 5 Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophies!  Lots to see at this amazing place!  Then we take you to the Gas Monkey Grill to chow down for a late lunch.  This place made famous by Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Garage TV show is a full service restaurant, bar and music venue.  The indoor dining area is perfect for the whole family and the atmosphere and style is unique on it's own as anything is related to Gas Monkey!   More about the Friday Tour is HERE.  

    12) How will the Poker Run be conducted on Sunday morning?  The Poker Run will be Texas sized and should not be missed!  It will leave at about 10AM on Sunday morning with a scheduled stops to draw cards.  The scenic Sunday driving tour will take you through the cities of Irving, Grapevine, Southlake, Westlake, Roanoke and Keller.  There will be beautiful parks, interstate driving, residential driving and some winding hilly roads with beautiful homes and estates.  You will pass by horse farms, some of those famous Texas Longhorn cattle and even buffalo!  Now the poker game will require you to pitch in $10 into the pot for each hand and there is no limit to how many hands you want to play.  A single car can play a hand, or each person in the car can play a hand.  It's up to you!  As we motor around the North Texas area, there will be designated locations for you to pick up a playing card.  All of the driving will be done in small groups, AND you will be given a detailed map along with cell numbers to call if you get lost, but we don't anticipate that to be a problem as the route has been carefully planned out.  Now at the end, everyone ends up in Roanoke, Texas not far from the hotel.  There the town is expecting us and will roll out the red carpet for you to enjoy lunch as one of several options to eat at.  The best poker hands will be determined and depending on the size of the pot a serious amount of money will be awarded to the top 3 hands and given out at the Awards Banquet that evening (you must be present to take the cash!). This will be a profitable venture for several lucky winners!  The rest of us will be winners too because of the fun we will have driving around together with our '55-'57 Chevys! 

    13) What kind of awards will be presented at Lone Star '29'?  The awards for the 2018 Lone Star Classic Chevy Convention will consists of a professional photograph of your car, your name and hometown and what award you won, whether it is from the Saturday Show or the drag racing competition from Friday Night.  These awards are being produced by MaxCacklePhotos who will also be onsite during the weekend providing souvenir photos that can be purchased of your car, showboards or even large metal photos for your garage or shop.  These awards will be personalized with your name and award and are not like the typical generic plaque you may be use to winning. 

    14) I have Tri Five Chevy cars and parts I would like to sell.  Is there a swap meet area where I can set up for the weekend?  Sure is!  With so many '55-'57 Chevy enthusiasts on site, this will be a great place to sell, swap and buy Tri Five parts and cars.  For just $35, you can reserve yourself a single parking space to sell parts or complete cars.  If you need a larger space, pricing goes up to $80 for 4 parking spaces.  Need even a larger size, contact us and we will get you taken care of!  Contact us at with your needs or questions.

    15) Why do you need a photo of my Tri Five Chevy when I pre-register?  We will be making personalized name tags for everyone that you list on your registration form.  These name tags will be important for you to have when you attend the many free activities during Lone Star '36'.  On that name tag will be the photo you send of your car.  That way everyone can put a 'Car to a Name'!  This is something the Dallas club does each time they have hosted the Lone Star event and it has been a big hit, so the plan is to do it again! 





revised 3/19/2018